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What is a Chic Hotel - Chic Collection of Hotels and Places

What is a Chic Hotel

We carefully hand-pick hotels that reflect our definition of chic:

  • Timelessly-chic in its design and quality

  • Offer extraordinary feelings and experiences that guests itch to to share about.

In the world of experiential travel a small bed & breakfast in a remote area of France can be equally as chic as a large hotel with 300+ rooms.

We offer hotels a menu of affordable choices rather than a hefty annual membership fee. Many of our partner hotels are also members of larger marketing organisations but choose to also join Chic Collection to benefit from brand association, funky content and the ability to pick and choose from technology to social media. In this age of information overload combined with disruptive business models, choice is all around us and there are many ways you can plan a trip as a consumer as well as many ways a hotel can choose to market itself.

Chic Collection is here to connect the two — to provide independent free spirited travellers with personal recommendations on where to stay in our many and varied Chic Collection hotels.