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Travel Lens: South London Impressions

Travel Lens: South London Impressions

Travel Lens: South London Impressions

South London impressions of local life & iconic structures

London on the south side of the river had always been the area less talked about and for years overlooked. However, since the opening of Renzo Piano’s Shard building, it’s as if this iconic structure became the last magic piece of the puzzle–joining up everything to form a neighbourhood buzzing with tonnes of energy and verve. Its unique character and incredible mix of traditional and modern attractions make South London a curiously intriguing part of the city that calls to be explored for anyone looking to experience one the capital’s many different facades.

Here we showcase the works of five photographers and their impressions of South London through their camera lens.

The Shard

 View of south London from St Pauls Cathedral

Theunis Viljoen:  “This B&W image depicts the changing face of modern London from one of it’s oldest and most iconic buildings–namely St Paul’s Cathedral. The image was captured from the Stone Gallery facing south-east towards the new Shard building–the tallest structure in Europe.

“Ironically, I was reflecting on the effect that the protected view of St Paul’s had on the architecture, juxtaposed with modern buildings in an ever developing South London, and wondering how this view will change in the next 100 years.”

Borough Market

Hobbs stall in Borough Market in South London

Martin McCormack: “This detailed B&W shot of Hobbs meat stall under the bridge at Borough Market in London for me is an enjoyable story where old brick architecture collides with London’s diversity of culture and tradition; what could be better than a hot salt beef with mustard and pickle bap?

“South London for me is very enjoyable as a photographer. It offers river views, cultural diversity and architectural gems such as The Shard and Southwark Cathedral all sitting very close together. Along with the city workers that transmit an incredible energy, this is an unmissable location for any photographer.”

Vendors in Borough market in South LondonSarah McIntyre: “This B&W shot shows how Borough Market’s history continues as a meeting place for the local community of South London to catch up and past time with the sharing and referencing of modern technology, whilst enjoying the traditional beverage–beer!

“Borough Market is a place where the past way of London market life is depicted in our modern time. Providing a source of British and international produce and street food, it’s not just the food that makes Borough Market special–it’s also about the people, the place, the history and the architecture.”

“For me as a photographer, the atmosphere and history of Borough Market is captured in the characters of the trading stall holders and visitors.”


Grafitti in Bermondsey, South London

Nick Evans: “I have always loved arches, and the ones captured in this image while walking through Bermondsey appealed to me immediately. I was so fascinated by the  fancy brickwork and engineering  and the incredible graffiti artwork of South London, that it was impossible to keep my camera in its bag. It’s great to see that even amongst the reality of Bermondsey’s industrial backdrop, colour, shape and form can be extremely beautiful.”

City Hall

The Inside of the City Hall building in London

Takahiro Yamamoto:If I could name the top 5 cool, modern buildings in the world, Sir Norman Forster’s City Hall would surely be one of them; London is full of his designs, but I like this particular building the most. The appearance is unique, and its interior design more so. When I visited South London last time, I brought a fish-eye lens with me only to capture this photo.”

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