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Travel Lens: a Trip to Tel Aviv the City That Never Stops

Travel Lens: a Trip to Tel Aviv, the City That Never Stops

Travel Lens: a Trip to Tel Aviv, the City That Never Stops


Photo credit: Alex Glickman

Take a trip to Tel Aviv and you’ll soon find out that life is all about having fun. The city has become one of the hottest destinations to visit, packing more attractions and culture than most, from hip neighbourhoods, trendy boutiques, streets brimming with musicians and long boardwalks along stunning beaches, to some of the most stimulating street art and fascinating history. A trip to Tel Aviv is filled so many highlights, but none more special than the creative and easy-going lifestyle that has given the city its name of the ‘Miami of the Middle East’.

Here we showcase the work of six photographers showing us their perspectives of Tel Aviv.

Life’s a beach


Neta Gov: “Tel Aviv is a small city with a big heart. I have lived here for many years and know every corner of this unique city. The beach is my favourite place in the city and a highlight of any trip to Tel Aviv; there is a strong sense of ease so illustrative of the city. It’s walking distance from almost everywhere and perfect for a long promenade.

“I took this photo at sunset and the shadows of the people playing with the dog caught my eye. I decided to turn the photo upside down and convert it to black and white to give more power to the shadows as they seem to amplify the action and the fun that people have not only the beach, but also in the whole city.”

7,000 years in the making


Ilirjan Rrumbullaku: “Jaffa Port is truly ancient, dating back almost 7,000 years and a trip to Tel Aviv isn’t complete without a visit to this landmark. It’s located on the southern coast of Tel Aviv and it contrasts beautifully with the modern city, which can be seen from the coastline.

“The antique feel and architecture have been preserved and today this remains a functioning port where fishing boats continue to bring in the catch of the day from the Mediterranean. It is a fantastic place to unwind, where tourists and locals alike gather to enjoy great scenic views of the city and to see fisherman at work. Many great art galleries, boutique shops and restaurants are also found here, where the food just doesn’t get any fresher.”

Sunsets, glorious sunsets


Hemo Kerem: “While shooting in Jaffa Port, I was drawn to the picture-perfect way these two friends stood and talked, with the wonderful orange sunset behind them silently adding to the scene and creating a surreal silhouette. There is no better way to spend an evening in Tel Aviv than by watching the sun going down in the Mediterranean.

“What I love about this city are the great contrasts and fast rhythm. The streets are filled with people enjoying themselves and having fun all day long.”

 Authentic traditions


Jeff Goldberg: “I have always enjoyed the sites, sounds, colours and smells of a vibrant local market, and Carmel Market in Tel Aviv certainly does not disappoint. A vast number of stalls sell almost everything you can think of: from fresh produce and pastries to clothing and plants. When I came across this spice merchant filling his colourful spice trays with great care and pride, I had to stop and take a few shots.

“As far as great destinations go, a trip to Tel Aviv may be on the of the best, mixing ancient culture and traditions, with the thriving hustle and bustle of a major world city.”

 The old generation…


Ido Rosenthal: “I love the city of Tel Aviv for all the versatility it has: old and new, bright and dark, and all of it in a relatively small area. I took this picture on Salame Street after having spent several lunch breaks in a little restaurant across the street and every day thinking I must take a shot of this scene, as I knew it wouldn’t wait for me. I was mistaken. It is there today as well – but not the same. I cannot take this picture again.

“This shot for me represents the city: the old, the colours, the character, the changing of time. Men made Tel Aviv.”

… Meets the new generation


Michael Summers: “I am a frequent visitor to the vibrant city of Tel Aviv and always find people and places of interest to capture in my lens. Whether you are looking for culture, art, music, architecture, museums, great food, interesting people or are a sun seeker or beach lover, Tel Aviv never fails to please. I have been returning to Tel Aviv every year for the last 40 years and on every visit, I find exciting changes and new things to do.

“The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where this photograph was taken, is a piece of art itself and houses some of the best modern art in the world, a number of permanent displays as well as different exhibitions from time to time. The Main Building of the Museum is situated on Shaul Hamelech Boulevard. Adjacent to it is the new Herta and Paul Amir Building, designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen, this innovative and complex building has become an important international landmark and a must-visit on any trip to Tel Aviv – Israel’s cultural capital.”

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