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Things to Do & See in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Things to Do & See in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Things to Do & See in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Exploring Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Architecture in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Recoleta in Buenos Aires is one of the most fashionable, upscale barrios in the city. Famed for beautiful, French-style architecture and beautiful plazas and parks, Recoleta Buenos Aires is a peaceful and charming neighborhood within the bustling this city. You’re never far from a good cafe, a great live show, and an excellent museum in this beautiful neighborhood. Keep reading to see the best highlights and things to do for a day when exploring some different to experience in Recoleta Buenos Aires.

The Recoleta Cemetery

Cemetery in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Photo credits: Matito | Wally Gobetz

Across the street from the Village Recoleta is a giant, eerie cemetery that holds the final resting place for many prolific Argentine families and aristocrats. The cemetery in Recoleta Buenos Aires is considered an extensive cultural center and a meaningful tourist destination. The famous tomb of Eva Peron is somewhat subtle in comparison to some grandiose mausoleums in the cemetery, but you won’t miss it if you follow the map to the tomb covered with flowers. It is open every day, and tours are also offered in English so that you can delve deeper into the pasts of both the crumbling and lavish tombs.


Museums in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Just a few minutes from the cemetery you will find the Museo Nacional de Bella Artes, which houses the largest collection of public art. There are pieces from Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and rooms dedicated entirely to Argentine artists. Other museums in Recoleta Buenos Aires include Museo Roca promoting Argentine history, Museo Participativo de Ciencias for interactive science, and Museo del Holocausto where you can see the stories of survivors that rebuilt their lives in Argentina.

Plaza Francia

Markets in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Every weekend, the Plaza Francia hosts a lively fair and market called Feria de Artesanos where you can find hip artisan crafts and shops, tango dancers, live shows and food stalls. Enjoy the commotion, or relax below a massive ombú tree in the green parks. The Hippie Fair at the plaza is certainly a fun place to spend an afternoon on the weekends.

 Where to eat

Restaurants in Recoleta Buenos Aires

In a beautiful area such as Recoleta, there are many charming cafés and first-class restaurants and shops.

For a sweet snack, try the helado (ice cream) or sweet chocolates at Un’ Altra Volta. For the best restaurants, consider Tarquino restaurant, which is the perfect spot for a cozy dinner; warm wood accents surround an intimate atmosphere with excellent food. If you’re looking for a great place to have drink, try the Milion or the Gran Bar Danzón

Spending a full day in Recoleta gives you a chance to appreciate the neighbourhood rather than just seeing the big sights and moving on. However you choose to see Recoleta, whether it’s lounging away in a park or spending time in the lively tourist spots, you’re sure to understand why this beautiful and relaxing neighborhood is one of the best to visit in all of Buenos Aires.

Where to stay

Hotel in Buenos Aires

After a hard day exploring all of these wonderful sights, there is no chicer hotspot to retire to than Hub Porteño. This former mansion is as stylish and intimate as Recoleta, with a concierge service renowned for providing guests with the most authentic and personalised Argentine experiences. The hotel is also home to Tarquino restaurant and a riveting, and hugely valuable, art collection that add to the allure of the Hub.

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