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Picture-Perfect Locations In Provence That Every Chic Traveller Needs To Visit - Chic Collection of Hotels and Places

Picture-Perfect Locations In Provence That Every Chic Traveller Needs To Visit

Picture-Perfect Locations In Provence That Every Chic Traveller Needs To Visit

Travelling in the Provence region of France is like dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant: there’s little you can fault here. From character-filled medieval villages to iconic flower fields and cafe terraces buzzing with visitors from all over the world, you’ll find a rich bouquet of unique experiences and – most assuredly – picture-perfect locations in Provence. Here are our top-notch recommendations.

Plateau de Valensole

Plateau de Valensole is one of the many gorgeous lavender fields scattered across South of France, better known amongst locals and seasoned travellers as Provence. Situated near Digne-les-Bains, it covers an area of 800 km². People flock from all corners of the world to get a glimpse of the beauty of these iconic purple fields rolling over the hills and into the sunset. Visiting the fields when they’re awash with beautiful blue and violet lavender in bloom is a key attraction in Provence and a must-do for chic travellers. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could also head to the village of Valensole and try some delicate-tasting lavender-infused honey.

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Gorges of the Verdon

Listed as one of the ‘Grand Sites of France’, the Gorges of the Verdon river is often lovingly compared to the Grand Canyon. And though it’s much smaller in size, it certainly doesn’t fall short on magnificence — some call it the most beautiful canyon in Europe. Named for its stunning turquoise-green water (“vert” means green in French), the Verdon River has been a favourite amongst tourists since the mid-19th century and continues to dazzle modern travellers with its picture-perfect opportunities. Rent a boat to paddle around the Lac de Sainte-Croix — a manmade lake at the end of the gorge, or choose one of the hundreds of hiking routes in the area to take in the beauty of this place in a bit more privacy.

Aix en Provence

Bustling with flower, local produce and crafts markets, Aix en Provence is the sparkling gem of the region. Dotted with beautiful fountains and cafe terraces, and boasting a maze-like old town with colourful alleys and eye-catching, ancient doors (just waiting for you to snap that perfect picture), this vibrant city should definitely be on your places-to-see list. The elegance and taste of Aix en Provence will make any chic traveller’s pulse quicken with excitement. Indulge in some local sightseeing and wander the narrow streets in search of yet another eye-pleasing square, restaurant or piece of architecture. There’s no shortage of picture-perfect spots here!

Moustiers Sainte Marie

Listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France, Moustiers St Marie sits in a gorgeous setting below two dramatic cliffs, with a rushing mountain stream dividing it into two halves. With small waterfalls popping up here and there and medieval houses peeking out from above, this Provencal village offers a unique sightseeing experience and incredible mountain views. The only drawback of this place is parking! So arrive a little earlier if you want to avoid the headache of hunting for a parking spot.

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