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Food Trucks in Miami, the Latest Sensation

Food Trucks in Miami, the Latest Sensation

Food Trucks in Miami, the Latest Sensation


Get ready to hit the streets for your next meal in Miami because innovative chefs and restaurateurs have been taking their businesses mobile. Since 2008, food trucks in Miami have gained massive popularity, becoming a revered, inventive and respected movement.

Miami eats on the street


Photo credit: Larry

While food trucks in Miami are by no means a new concept, there are ground-breaking gastro-entrepreneurs in the city that have made it a breeding ground for creativity and fun (the hallmark traits of the food truck movement). Miami is also a city very conducive to supporting a crusade such as this, not only for its party scene and abundance of late night eaters, but also for the fabulous year-round weather. What began as novel late night eats are now reputable gastronomy destinations.

Restaurants that never stand still


One of the most notable aspects of these roaming restaurants is the way food trucks in Miami are utilised as extensions to social media and customer service. It’s an obvious idea that having a successful food truck would lead seamlessly into a brick and mortar restaurant, such as restaurants like Dim Ssam a Go Go’s Sakaya Kitchen and MexZican Gourmet. But more surprisingly, there are a number of established restaurants that are also taking their cuisine to the streets. Establishments such as El Rey de las Fritas truck which is the brainchild of a local restaurant of the same name and even Cold Stone Creamery has a truck these days. This brick and mortar-to-mobile model is an example of how popular food trucks in Miami have become. Restaurateurs have found a way to reach their audience in a more intimate way to offer popular dishes, test new menus, and easily receive feedback in real time. It’s a perfect recipe for success and a path to create a grassroots connection with the locals. Lest we forget the added opportunity for social media tie ins. Food Truck ‘meet ups’ and events build with sincere excitement and it’s plain to see that hungry food truck fans wait with bated breath for updates and news from their favorite spots.


The origins of the mobile food trend can be tracked back to the day when one popular Food Network chef, Ingrid Hoffman, began a small operation called Latin Burger. The aim of the mobile format was to experiment with different style burgers and tacos. But their fame is accredited to the decadent Latin Burger which is composed of chuck meat, chorizo and sirloin, melted Oaxaca cheese, caramelized jalapenos, onions and a red pepper mayo. Needless to say, most food trucks in Miami aren’t for the health conscious but rather a dip into decadence.

Around the same time, another talented chef, Chef Jeremiah, decided to turn a 1960 Airstream Trailer into a portal for high quality, Miami-inspired dishes with a business called GastroPod. The mission of GastroPod is a constant evolution, taking pride in using experimental preparation techniques and applying them to its constantly changing menu. The beauty of serving high-end fair via food trucks in Miami is that despite the haute cuisine offered, the vibe remains very laid-back. Both these businesses are still leaders in the Miami Food Truck scene and have sparked an endless number of predecessors.

Let’s remember that the dishes are also what make the experience great. We’re not talking about regular hot dogs or sandwiches, but rather smoky beef hot dogs with an aged cheddar fondue and mustard seeds or pulled pork sliders with house-made kimchi slaw. We recommend  that you prepare yourself to graze around our top recommendations for food trucks in Miami:

Sakaya Kitchen: (aka Dim Ssam a Go-Go) indulge in the CRACKLIN’ duck herb sandwich and Bao Pork Buns made with slow roasted pork and house-made sweet chili sauce.

Moty’s Grill: Order anything falafel 

MexZican Gourmet: Start with an order the Legend Tacos 

El Rey de las Fritas: Prepare yourself for a Double Frita with cheese

Latin Burger: No excuses, the must try is the aforementioned original Latin Burger

GastroPod: The menu changes constantly, but any pork dish is seriously worth a taste here.

Kelvin Natural Slush: You have try their Arnold Palmeror and anything with mixed with alcohol (note: Kelvin doesn’t have a truck but is roaming nonetheless. You can find their concoctions at The Standard Hotel and The Edition and many others.)

Final notes: the one complication for any traveller wanting to experience the truly unique, local tradition of food trucks in Miami is actually finding the trucks. In our research, the best way to plan your attack is by tracking your favourite chefs via or Facebook and Twitter. Happy snacking!