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Elounda: Crete's Most Picturesque Fishing Town

Elounda: Crete’s Most Picturesque Fishing Town

Elounda: Crete’s Most Picturesque Fishing Town

Situated in the Elounda Peninsula on the dreamy Greek island of Crete, is the exceptional Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel. Both sharing the same name, the bay views of the vibrant blue Aegean Sea stretch beyond your eye’s view as if entirely detached from everything else in the world.  

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Things to do

Consisting of three villages, Elounda is the place to visit for a taste of Greece in the olden days. Visit the handsome Gulf of Korfos – otherwise known as Elounda’s harbour – and admire the traditional fishing boats that create such a charming and picturesque atmosphere; it’s also a perfect spot for scuba diving.

Culture and literature lovers should stop by Elektos Bookshop. Since many years, it has become a much-loved source of local knowledge, with unique publications offered in various languages.  Only a short boat ride from the hotel is a small island called Spinalonga. It was a leper colony from 1903 until 1957 and was also the setting for English Author, Victoria Hislop’s bestseller – The Island. Officially called Kalydon Island, there is a stunning 16th century Venetian fortress that was built to defend Elounda from pirates and the Turks.  If you are willing to venture further out  and discover other Cretan treasures, a trip to the island is not complete without visiting the Palace of Knossos. One of the island’s most significant monuments, it is a nod to the Minoan civilisation that once occupied the island.

Elounda Bay Excursions

Ancient celebrities

Legend has it that Crete was the birthplace of Zeus, with Elounda also having its share of fables to tell. The area was home to the Minoan, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman empires, with traces of their occupation still visible for exploring. Sunken beneath the bay of Elounda are also the remains of the city of Olous, dating back to the 7th century, which you can visit by snorkelling.

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Exclusive sanctuary

Blessed with its superb location on the Elounda peninsula overlooking the Aegean Sea, the aptly named family-run Elounda Peninsula ALL SUITE HOTEL is the most exclusive hotel in the area. The owners, Spyros and Eliana Kokotos, opened the hotel in 2002.  Its history dates back to the late 1960s when the two founders first met and acquired the land, with the intent of creating the best holiday destination in Greece. Today, this seafront hotel offers only suites accommodation, boasting Europe’s most spacious ‘standard’ suites and the world’s largest waterfront suite.

The hotel is also renowned for having one of the finest restaurants in Greece. Calypso Restaurant offers a superb French menu by Michelin-starred chef, Jacques Le Divellec, and also has an impressive Kellari wine cellar, where you can enjoy wine tasting and learn about Greek wine-making traditions. Alternatively, there are seven other dining areas and varied dining experiences, including a weekly Greek night showcasing Greek folklore.

With a private beach, cinema, traditional Turkish hammam and the first Six Senses Spa in Europe, Elounda indeed delivers on secluded luxury. For the complete superstar experience, you can hire one of the hotel’s private yachts and cruise around the vast Aegean Sea.