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Crazy Travel Tech Essentials to Take on Holiday

Crazy Travel Tech Essentials to Take on Holiday

Crazy Travel Tech Essentials to Take on Holiday

Essential travel tech items for a holiday

When it comes to going on holiday, the last thing you want to do is spend lots of time thinking about what to pack. So we’ve put together a list of the eight crazy travel tech essentials for any trip that will make sure you can deal with any situation thrown your way!

Globalgig SIM card

GlobalGig travel tech gadget

It’s an old-timer’s travel tip that you must switch off data roaming when you go abroad to ensure you don’t rack up some extremely hefty travel costs. But with the Globalgig SIM card, this concern has become a thing of the past. Globalgig offers instant access to UK 4G/3G+ as well as international mobile broadband in 39 countries. This means that you can get online whenever you want and with super-fast connectivity speeds too. You will also receive regular updates on data usage and spend, so you don’t need to spend time worrying about losing control of your spending. With UK 4G, this means you can enjoy fast broadband speeds at home and away, to stay in contact, download music or browse the internet, making this one of the best travel tech items for any holiday.

Trakdot luggage tracker

Trakdot, a travel tech essential for trips

This inventive luggage tracker, Trakdot, is set to capture the travel tech world by storm and has already featured in international media including the LA Times, USA Today and Gizmodo. With the Trakdot mobile app, you never need worry about your luggage going missing again and losing any of your belongings – or worse still, all the presents you’ve bought yourself to take home. The device emits a signal to determine the location of your suitcase meaning that even in the worse case scenario that it gets sent to the wrong place, this can be easily fixed by having a quick word with the airline rep. The device is adaptable too and can be used on any mobile phone or Smartphone.

Power bank

Zendure travel tech item

In the 21st century world, it’s a fact of life that we must take a number of travel tech gadgets with us whenever we go – iPhone, Kindle and so on. But none of these devices are of any use if the battery runs out. With this power bank from Zendure, you can charge all of your devices on the go with a fast charging speed for all compatible devices. This power bank is better than the others on the market, thanks to its compact size, durability, crushproof materials and low price. It also boasts a market-leading efficiency rate.

Water purification system

Sterpen, a travel tech item for travelling

Drinking unpurified water is one of the top causes of stomach bugs abroad. However, buying bottled water for your entire trip is not always very practical. Carrying a lot of water bottles is a nuisance, and if you are in a remote location, it may not always be possible to find even a place that sells water. The multi-award winning SteriPEN solves this problem. This handheld water purification system uses UV light to destroy over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in the water. Its sustainable model means it can be used for up to eight thousand litres of water in any location in the world. The device will purify your water in just 48 seconds, making this the most economical way to keep yourself safe from water-borne illness.

Jet Lag Re-timer

Retimer travel tech gadget, reduces jetlag

The Re-Timer is essentially a fancy and very intelligent pair of glasses that will help your body adjust to the time zone in your travel destination in the days before you leave, helping to reduce the impact of jet lag. Using UV-free green light sources in the glasses’ frame that emits a soft light, the Re-Timer can be worn every day for half an hour up to four days before your trip. The technology works to re-time your body’s circadian rhythm (the body’s natural sleeping and waking rhythms) to reduce the confusion, tiredness and fatigue associated with jet lag.

Briefcase Electric Scooter

 Coolpeds scooter travel tech items to take on holiday

Using remarkably inventive modern design and technology, this lightweight Coolpeds scooter will make any journey quicker and much more fun! Unlike many other mobility products, these scooters offer a fair price and comfortable structure for an easy ride. They are also very compact with a foldable design, meaning you can stow them away during long journeys without any problem, and then use them at your destination to make any journey easier and more enjoyable!

Video Recording WiFi Sunglasses

Video recording sunglasses, a crazy travel tech essential

These sunglasses are a bit like something you would see in Back to the Future, so innovative and groundbreaking is the idea behind their design. Using a miniscule lens in the bridge of the frame, you can record high definition video with top quality video simply by putting on your sunnies. And it doesn’t stop there. The built-in Wi-Fi antenna will send your videos to an app on your iPhone or Android-powered smartphone, to enjoy your videos on the go. You can also take pictures by touching a button on the frame.

Suitcase with USB charger

Barracuda suitcase, a new travel tech must-have

Not only is the Barracuda the world’s first fully-collapsible hard sided luggage, this striking suitcase also boasts a number of features ideal for the modern-day traveller. Its built-in height-adjustable tray means you can put your laptop down and work anywhere you fancy without having to worry about keeping an eye on your luggage. You can track the location of your Barracuda using the inbuilt advanced GSM-GPRS technology and sensors while it also contains a USB charger that is very handy on the go. Its ergonomic handle and unique design complete the appeal of this highly innovative baggage.